About Us

Danielle, Craig & Donah. The faces that make Twig!

Twig Gardens & Co. was a dream that started in 2015. Craig, Donah and Danielle had a vision for a side business in some ways connected to the landscaping company (Reynolds Landscaping) that Craig had been running since 2003.

In the spring of 2018 a store became available right under their nose, a perfect store that already had an underlying rustic feel to it with its wood plank floors and wood pillars Craig, Donah and Danielle jumped in to bring Twig Gardens & Co. to life.

Danielle, Craig & Donah

Donah is very creative and has put together some of the most amazing and original Seasonal Planters throughout the years. The old saying “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” is so true when Donah gets her hands on it. She has a keen eye for the beauty in things and has applied this to her purchasing and her way of setting all these unique and beautiful items up in the store for Twig.

We are always looking for an exclusive piece of furniture, jewelry or art and with the help of a few local artisans we have been able to add these beauties to the list of stunning items we have purchased.

We are embracing the vacationing atmosphere as well as the active life that Georgina presents. With many seasonal aspects such as fishing, hockey, swimming, boating, cottaging or staying warm there is something for everyone in the store, even organic doggy treats. You will have no trouble finding a gift for the person who has everything or something to add to your home, cottage or boat.

We are also hoping to add workshops and other interesting ways to spend those cold evenings throughout the winter

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